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Street Department

Department Responsibilities

What We Do The City of Eldon Street Department (usually referred to as Public Works) is a vital part of the Eldon community. The Street Superintendent oversees the maintenance, upkeep, and construction of all city streets, alleys, and improvements taking place within the rights of way within the community. Street cleanings, snow removal, and regular maintenance are part of the activities throughout the year.

Street Maintenance:

  • Alley grading as needed and reported
  • Pothole patching, including some cold patching with UPM
  • Minor concrete street repair
  • Street Cleaning

Snow & Ice Removal

  • Snow & ice removal from the streets in the winter
  • We do not normally remove snow from alleys.
  • It is the responsibility of the person removing the snow from driveways and other places to get it up on the parking and off of the street.

Storm Sewer

  • Storm water maintenance


The Streets Department maintains the following signs:

  • No Parking
  • Yield
  • Speed Limit
  • Street Marker
  • Stop



The City provides water, sewer, trash and recycling service all in one bill.  To sign up for service, come into City Hall Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00


Wastewater Department

The City of Eldon has a two- cell waste stabilization lagoon

The City of Eldon is required by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to have an Iowa National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System {NPDES} Permit. This permit is issued to the authority of Section 402 [b] of the Clean Water Act [33 U.S.C 1342[b]], Iowa Code Section 455B, and rule 567—64.3, Iowa Administrative Code. We are authorized to operate the disposal system and to discharge the pollutants specified in our permit in accordance with the effluent limitations, monitoring requirements and other terms set forth in our permit.

Our operation requirements state that continuous discharge of wastewater from our facility is prohibited. The treatment plant must be operated using a storage/drawdown mode of operating. Wastewater must be stored for approximately 180 days after which time the water level is to be lowered to make room for the next storage period. Acceptable discharge periods are April 15th through June 15th and September 30th through December 21st. Lagoon drawdown shall occur during these periods, except in emergency situations. We are required to contact Iowa Department of Natural Resources and obtain prior approval if there is a need to discharge during other times of the year, when stream flows are low or if the effluent limitations specified in our permit will not be met.

A complete copy of the NPDES Permit can be viewed at City Hall.


Refuse and Recycling


The City of Eldon has its own garbage truck to provide curbside residential trash and recycling pick up.  Household garbage must be placed by the curb, and be in appropriate sized containers in order to be picked up. Trash guidelines:

Everyone is allowed to place out for garbage pickup each week two (2) 32 gallon or smaller bags or cans, not to exceed 40 pound weight limit to any can or bag.

Each additional can or bag (anything over two (2)) must have the “Eldon Tag” attached to it.  Place label on handle of can or on bag.  Do Not use the labels as bag ties.

The Eldon Tag may be purchased at City Hall at a cost of $1.00 per tag.


This convenient recycling opportunity will help each of us recycle more materials, reduce the amount of trash we throw away, and help the environment, all at the same time. How does it work?

Place all your clean acceptable together in this cart including newspapers, magazines, junk mail, cardboard, and chipboard.  Rinse clean plastic bottles and jugs along with aluminum and metal cans.

Recycling collection service will be the same day as refuse collection. Customers will still use the green bin to place the following items in:

Newspapers, catalogs, phone books, magazines Corrugated cardboard and paperboard Office Paper – Always bagged – Use old grocery and discount store plastic bags Plastic bottles and jars Aluminum and Steel cans – including empty aerosol cans Green, brown or clear glass food and beverage containers Contact the Recycling Center for more information about green bin recycling and what items can only be dropped off at the Center. Ask about Household Hazardous Materials disposal. 641.683.0685

Important Environmental Numbers:

Wapello County Solid Waste Coordinator (641)-683-0694 Wapello County Landfill (641)-683-0644 Wapello Recycling Center (641)-683-0685 Iowa Department of Natural Resources 1-800-DNR-1025 Federal Environmental Protection Agency 913-551-7058

City Clerk

City Clerk

Carrie Teninty

Phone: 641-652-7510



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