Sewer Smoke Testing Scheduled

Sewer Smoke Testing

Storm water runoff continues to leach into the sanitary sewer system when it rains or snow melts.  This increases the workload at the pump station and causes the City to incur extra costs.

To identify defects in pipes and structures we will be pumping smoke into various sections of sewer to see if and where it escapes.

We want to alert you that you may find this “smoke” in your house. The “smoke” is non-toxic, won’t stain, and doesn’t smell like smoke from a fire. The “smoke” is not dangerous; open windows and doors, turn on exhaust fans and it should quickly go away.

If you find “smoke” in your house it is because you have a defect in your house plumbing system, and that is very dangerous!!! The hole in your sewer system or the dry trap on a drain or fixture you don’t often use that allows the “smoke” in your house will allow sewer gas to enter your house. Sewer gas is a sneaky danger…. After you are in presence of the gas for a little while, you can’t smell it anymore.

Smoke testing will be performed on October 22nd and 23rd , starting about 9 a.m.  Testing will occur throughout each of these days.

If you find “smoke” in your house but there is not a fire smoke smell, please contact:

Eldon City Hall: 641-652-7510

Eldon Public Works: 641-799-8781

Warner Engineering:

Office:           319-385-4180

Andy:             319-931-5514

Corby:           319-931-5508


We have alerted the dispatchers and the Fire Department to this activity and we are trying to avoid overloading them with false alarms — thus this NOTICE!!! Dispatch may first try to verify the “smoke” is not from the smoke testing. 

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