The City

Eldon’s origin is due to the construction of the Keokuk and Des Moines Road. A flag station was located on the site of the town shortly after the road opened and was named Ashland Crossing. The town was then called Williamsburg and a Post Office was established.

In 1861, the site was settled by a few men, which was the beginning of the town. Once the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad pushed its southwest division to this point, the fate of the town was decided.

On December 26, 1870, the plat was made and filed and the town was named Eldon. For awhile, the town had 3 names. The railroad called it Ashland Crossing, the Post Office called it Williamsburg, and the people called it Eldon.

The Eldon Post Office was established in 1870 shortly after it was platted and in 1872, the town was incorporated.

Information courtesy of at the gentle bend of the river


Jerry Lee Potts

Phone: 641-799-9335

City Clerk

Carrie Teninty

Phone: 641-652-7510


Deputy City Clerk

Patty Robertson

Phone: 641-652-7510


City Hall

421 W. Elm St.

Eldon, IA 52554